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Tips For Successful Business Golf

The Best Tips For Successful Business Golf at Silvertip Resort

Earlier this month, we explained the various reasons for entire companies, sales managers and executives to book their next meeting at Silvertip Resort for both large events that involves all the associated teams or for more personalized one-on-one conversations. So now, it’s time to discuss successful tips for the other half of this party – the invited individual.

Business Golf meetings, at every level, have the potential to set powerful wheels into motion.
A new client? A new partnership? Your next promotion!? Why the heck not!

Regardless of whether you’re walking onto the green with an 8 handicap or have barely made it out this season, these tips will help you bring your A-game – whether you’ve got a club in your hand or not!

  1. Be early and don’t be afraid to walk up to the course alone. This is especially true for larger events. Yes, you may end up in a foursome with 3 people you don’t know – but that could be the best thing to happen.
  2. Bring Business Cards – Always be prepared to create connections. You may be on the course with someone you speak to everyday, but who knows who you may run into out there.
  3. Never cheat – Put your best foot forward, what you do on the course may be considered in direct correlation to your potential as an employee or a client. Golf is tricky. You will lose balls. But so will everyone else. (Be sure to brush up on rules, etiquette and lingo if it’s been awhile.)
  4. Be mindful – Yes, we all love winning – but do your best to not be too competitive – and curb that temper (no throwing clubs!). You are on the course to build a report with your player partner(s), so keep it light and fun.
  5. Go easy on the alcohol – Certainly there is worth in enjoying some bervages but remember to alternate between water and alcohol. However, if your host/partner isn’t drinking – consider sticking to iced tea.
  6. Make the most of your time – Of course, golf is fun and will seem very relaxed and casual. But, it is important that you keep your true goal in sight – not the goal of making that precious hole-in-one. You want to sign the client and make a connection; don’t fall into the trap of getting too friendly and not actually accomplishing your meeting agenda.
  7. Create a Connection – Perhaps an inside joke or two has surfaced on the back 9, perhaps you both really enjoyed the course. If no one is in a rush, be sure to check out Stoney’s for a casual drink and our amazing patio or, if you’re into perfectly cooked steaks – check out Rustica. Either way, if it went well – who’s to say you can’t book another tee time immediately!



Ultimately, the end result of a business meeting on the course should be to have fun So, the next time you open your inbox and see that invite to play golf with a colleague or the entire staff, you can feel like the winner … even if you duff a few shots.

Bonus Tip: Play for the 20th Hole

Don’t feel rushed. Sign your scorecard before you worry about signing a deal. Your first priority is enjoying the day. Spare the formalities, unless they’re called for. We recommend following up afterward with a thank you note, a souvenir or other appropriate correspondence that will show you care and create an additional reason to reconnect.